Not another “flying car”

The latest “flying car” (KMZ) has been sighted, yet again, in Perth as reported in SMH and various GE blogs.

The first sighting was due to a shadow cast by a tall information site at Point Walter, but this new anomaly is further south in the carpark of Coogee beach

Latitude: -32.111624 Longitude: 115.764759

Being a secret informant for the land information department i can supply these time lapse images over the past three years. Alas, we were unable to capture this futuristic automobile … but we can relax, knowing that at least they are travelling to some nice tourist areas!

Where will the car strike next? :)


ps. Note the sarcasm, i am sure the shadow will turn out to be another sign or maybe even a pile of sand next to the car :) I had a quick look and the “shadow” supposedly being cast by the car next to it does not appear to match those arround it (eg. look at the angle and size of similar features nearby)

New WMS Flash client

Edwin Wisse from the Netherlands has just released a new WMS client called Beeldblad (dutch for “image sheet”) on the WMS-dev mailing list.


Looks like a great starting point for the general user wanting to get their WMS “usable” and deployed very quickly.

Detailed installation instructions are included for the 130k SWF including a separate PHP proxy to bypass the cross domain restrictions. Some very quick tests had this sucker working a treat … great work guys.

Kamap WFS point overlays

Lorenzo and Andrea just posted their demonstration of a very nice looking WFS point overlay script for Kamap.


So if you’re one of the many people looking to do similar tooltips to google maps but using open standards, take a swing by the Ka-map users list. There’s a few obvious bugs, but the functionality certainly is there and it appears very configurable.

Hopefully the PHP parser class will be released soon and the WIKI updated! Great work guys

Location Intelligence Conference

I had been meaning to look more closely into the LI Conf for some time, and boy did i get a shock when i casually read the agenda today. Wow!

Kudos to the organising team for targetting such a wide net of companies from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to ESRI, Oracle and open source-based firms such as TOPP and DMSolutions. Some of the panel workshops look mighty intruiging to say the least.

I’d love to hear if anyone in the blogosphere is planning to do writeups of their adventures in a couple of weeks time