What are you working on?

Thats right, i want to hear what everyone is working on in the GIS world.

I’m not sure what feedback this will get, but things are quiet down here at the moment and i’m always interested to hear what cool things are happening at your workplace.

Plug away!

Tims swish WMS “catalog”

Just saw via slashgeo.org that Tim Schwab has launched wms-sites.com which i guess you could call a similar project to Mapdex, just for OGC WMS services.

Tim uses his knowledge of Openlayers as a preview tool very well.

My list of suggestions to make it even better~ :)

  1. Accept coordinate input searches. eg. Find me all services/layers which intersects/within X1,Y1,X2,Y2 … a common tool used in proper CSW requests
  2. Allow adding an entire service to preview … i could only manage viewing 1 layer at a time?
  3. I heard Tim mention it, but being able to load multiple layers across services and output a WMC document would be fantastic
  4. If layers are reporting scalehints, dump the values to the catalog view
  5. Add the OL scalebar to preview window

Great work Tim … now if only people added the metadata elements in the first place …