When PDA’s fight back

Any owner of a PDA/Handheld device has long known about various security applications that can be installed. These range from tracking IMSI and SIM phone numbers to more sophisticated ones that can format sensitive files, render the device useless all while running in pure stealth (think rootkit).

With my recent purchase of the X500, i was taking a look at these apps and found a rather large hole in the market … there was no program that could leverage my integrated GPS. Low and behold, Zloy has just started up an opensource (VB) application called MJustice that does just this.

Sms request should start with pass phrase configured in “Pass Phrase” edit box. After pass phrase you can specify one or more commands.

Supported Commands:
+g : Get GPS coordinates (After Fix become available Phone will send SMS reply to command message with own coordinates)
+m msg : Display message box with “msg” message
+l : Execute LocationCall.exe application

It was originally designed for the MioA701 so i was surprised when this sucker actually worked! Its still early days yet, but i can certainly see improvements including the ability to transmit the thief’s entire phonebook, sms history and the like to my secondary device.
If someone has the balls to try and steal it from a bloke who stands at 6’7″, looks like i now wont be too far away ..


How to not setup an online imagery shop

In my crawl of online image delivery systems, i was alarmed to see how poorly one in particular was put together. No names here of course, but i do think its worth emailing the company in question *just in case* on Monday. So here’s a few ideas on what not to do..

  1. Watermark your data using javascript. I bet thats fool proof, i better go register now!
  2. Keep your image catalogue in a freely accessible location using a well known protocol
  3. Leave the default WMS service running unsecured, with no restrictions. One 3000×3000 jpeg image comin right up … $0 and instant delivery to boot.

Now i can’t say Landgate is that foolproof either, but considering this online shop seems to be the “top 3″(?) in the states it certainly had me raising some eyebrows.

I will deny all knowledge if someone picks up on my clues :)