LBS has arrived

Finally a consumer personal navigational device with internet connectivity, meet Dash Express. See also Engadget review.


The opportunities this opens up to both the Geo community and also Joe Public is quite huge. Enter GeoRSS. Your time to shine has arrived :)

Many websites have geo-relevant content – including, but not limited to, Google Maps, Yelp, Craigslist, Trulia, Gruvr, and many more. Just check the source of the feed to see if there is a latitude/longitude provided for each item in the feed, and if so, the odds are good that it will work as a MyFeed on MyDash.

Hopefully this will continue across the PND market. *fingers crossed* The only downer (apart from the price) ?

It will not work in Canada, Mexico, Europe or any location outside the United States


gvSig mobile release & other thoughts

Seems as though a lot of people missed this release last week.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the pilot application awarded the development contract for the gvSIG Mobile application by the Regional Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport is available. gvSIG Mobile is a smaller version of gvSIG which has been adapted for use in mobile devices. It supports shapefiles, ECW, WMS and images and is able to make use of GPS systems. Currently, only the visualization of layers and the generation of GPS tracklogs/waypoints are supported.

gvSIG Mobile … available at gvSIG website

I must thank the gvSIG guys for helping me out with my WALIS Forum presentation by supplying me with a pre-release copy. Implemented a work around in 5mins and had it talking to our SDI straight away. Anyone with a Windows Mobile device, its definately worth checking out and things will become more interesting pending the gvSig and OSGEO talks.


In other news, i am officially slack. But the good news is that i have been harassed by that many people at events and on email that i will begin making a concerted effort posting more regularly now. SO LAY OFF!

WALIS Forum has been and gone for another 18 months. Attendance was the biggest yet, with 820 through the doors. Highlights for me (in no particular order)..

  • Tim trying to do updates throughout the conf but stopping after the first post. Hey, i never said i was going to!
  • Harvey from Microsoft failing miserably trying to demo photosynth live. I feel ya pain buddy, i really do, but we had seen it all before anyway :)
  • Mr Parsons with the usual tidbits of humour. My only feedback would have been tailoring another presentation addressing the “short tail” as 95% of the attendees were the custodians and advanced spatial users. Certainly from my point of view, addressing how Google is tackling this area would have been far more interesting from a GeoWeb perspective! Next time.
  • Leaving a room of 100 people stunned after a presentation but then all saying what a great presentation it was. Hmmmm?
  • Cameron not taking a breath, ever, throughout the 2 day conference. That man can talk.