ERDAS Apollo results updated

With Apollo 10.1 about to get out the door I have updated the WMS image serving benchmark results. I’m still yet to update the product-by-format graphs as I will be rolling out a more dynamic and easier to maintain page shortly. One main addition was extending the ECW Test plan to from 150 to 300 users. I received a lot of requests from people wondering what the peak throughput was, which turns out to be not much higher at around 120 maps per second (but still, crazy quick at ~2 sec avg response).

ERDAS has also just registered for the Benchmarking event in Barcelona which brings the tally to 11 products which is great to see *queue herding cats picture*. So everyone, please stop asking me :-)

ERDAS Apollo vs ESRI ArcGIS Server

Lets face it, whatever benchmark results a vendor (*gasp*) publishes always draws a certain amount of suspicion. Luckily however, T-Mapy (Czech Republic) have just made available a detailed independant 20 page report on ERDAS Apollo vs ESRI ArcGIS Server.

T-Mapy have a long history with ESRI and now also ERDAS technology so they offer great perspective and expertise on both products. Michal Å eliga has done a wonderful job analysing performance and other metrics for serving a very large (290gb) 10cm aerial photo via WMS. Word of the day goes to “eyemetricaly worse” on page 13 :)