Blog updates

Quick post regarding some changes i have both already done and also intend to do over the next week. Call it an early new years resolution ..

Already done:

1.0 Upgraded to WP 2.0. The latest stable release has redone a lot of the interaces and general usability. Extremely impressed, and best of all most existing plugins & themes work fine. Highly recommended update to any other GIS bloggers.

2.0 Updated the theme. I created a new style designed around the new WP2.0 theme called K2. Everything is now pretty much AJAX’d … love it :) There may be some cross browser issues so if you see anything weird just flick me a mail.
3.0 General Site Tidy up. Finally sorted all my articles into categories so things should be a lot easier to find now. Also added a few new plugin enhancements, such as being able to subscribe to comments on articles. Its a feature i like particularly on James’ … so hope it comes in use.

Todo in the coming weeks:

More and more articles! I have been pondering what to do with the site’s future for a while now and i came to the conclusion that i’d love to create a more collaborative blog with multiple authors. Currently i have contacted 3-4 other general GIS users in Perth who are interested in contributing to the cause. Perth has quite a large specialised GIS user base so hopefully i can attract some interesting authors.
This is great news because it alleviates the pressure off me to write articles and of course, it will contain a lot more varied posts and tutorials around the place.
So stay tuned guys, a lot more content coming in the New Year.
Have a safe and happy new years … im off to crack the first beer :)