Microsoft to threaten JPEG2000?

I stumbled upon an interesting article on Microsoft’s latest unveiling of their new Windows Media Photo image format specification. While the latest “format” is supposedly free (as in beer), the intention of Microsoft is clear for Vista … lets make our own *everything*. This is the latest sibling of Microsoft’s suite of standards for Vista which include XPM (PDF alternative), WMV/WMA (AVI,MPEG & MP3 alternative), XPS (alternative to OpenDoc) and now of course a rival to JPEG2000.


Some writeups of the event launch:

In his presentation, Crow showed an image with 24:1 compression that visibly contained more detail in the Windows Media Photo format than the JPEG and JPEG 2000 formats compressed at the same level.

This may have interesting implications with GIS Imaging specialists and even the OGC, given the indepth focus given to JPEG2k specification. While there was mention of Crow’s “comparison”, i haven’t been able to find a copy of the example … in any case it will be interesting to see how support is recieved amongst vendors of imaging technologies.

If you’re in this space, i’d suggest having a read of the WMP specification which contains some technical information on how these compression rates are supposedly achieved.

Interesting stuff!If anyone knows any more detail in relevance to GIS/Spatial Sciences, please drop me a line