WALIS 2006 Conference program available

Ok, so this is a little plug but i’m putting the invitation out there for attending WALIS 2006 in Perth (Australia) September 13-15 at the Perth Convention Centre.


The program has just been released and contains a plethora of interesting workshops and presentations with the conference theme being “Unearth your Spatial Potential”.

Speakers of note include Jerome Shephard (LINZ), Pedro Harris & David Hayward (NSW Lands), Simon Cox & Rob Woodcock (CSIRO), Doug Nebert (FGDC), Chris Holcroft (Cadcorp), Andreas Mathus (University of Munich/Latlon?) and the usual “celebrities” from ESRI, Mapinfo and Intergraph around Australia. I may also be presenting at one of the dataservices slots on WFS integration techniques so that alone must be good enough incentive!

So if you cant afford the $$ to get to Switzerland for the FOSS4G2006 conference this is your chance.

Check out the forum webpage or contact WALIS and they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.

Pencil it in! It really is a great vendor-neutral event which seem to be few and far between nowadays. We are also looking to hold a separate social event for those interested in open standards, open source GIS. Stay tuned