WALIS wrapup

So the WALIS forum is finished for another 18 months … was fun. While i didn’t get to as many sessions as i would have liked, the turnout was fantastic with more than 630 delegates coming through the doors.

There was lots of interest generated by the demonstrations on our Shared Land Information Platform SDI for WA. The resounding theme was of surprise i’d have to say with what has been achieved. There has been quite a few people dismissing the project along the way but i think everyone is finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel
In other news,

  • the ESRI 9.2 rc looks good from what i could see looking at some of the demos. Just put James Fee on ignore and be patient :)
  • The work on ESRI’s portal toolkit is certainly continuing. From what i saw of the workshop there was a fair bit of interest
  • Intergraph were showing off some of their sexy imagery analysis applications. I dont think anyone can get sick of high res fly-throughs can they?
  • Cadcorp guys made the trip down to set up a booth as new kids on the block. Seemed to be well recieved locally … top blokes too!
  • The last thing i can remember is the 3d globes. Customised worldwind apps …. Skyline TerraExplorer …. DappleosgPlanetGoogle Earth … when will it end!?
  • Doesnt seem like the Autodesk Mapguide products have gotten much of a foot hold down here. Unfortunately the local resellers didnt seem to have much info on hand about it. I was interested to hear their thoughts on going opensource and its impact on the local market.

WALIS will hopefully be releasing the presentation slides shortly to anyone interested. Unfortunately i wasnt smart enough to take some piccies, but no doubt some writeups will appear in the aust. GIS media soon.

Overall i’m glad i stayed. I was bit too’ing and fro’ing whether to go to the FOSS4G conf instead. By the looks of things there didn’t seem to be much interest from what i saw in the photos? (Please tell me otherwise!) I’m sure local boy, Tim Bowden held the torch well

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