Quick weekly wrapup

Five quickies …

  1. Openlayers gets a nice plug on the popular ajaxian blog. Unfortunately its not exactly well written and it left even me questioning the point of the post. Ah well, publicity is publicity i guess
  2. UMN Mapserver 4.10 was released with a few new goodies such as curved labelling, improved mapscript service support and various other bug fixes. Surprised no one else picked up on this … i’m sure ms4w builds will be updated in the coming week.
  3. For those not attending FOSS4G and missed out on the PgRouting sessions, Lorenzo has pleaded with me to give the project a plug. A bit late i know, but check out the awesome prototype whipped up with Kamap here. Select the tool that looks like a pin to define the start/end points on the map, and then wait for the route to be updated.
  4. Geoserver is at 1.4M2 … and even though its beta, it now has KML reprojection support (yay!). The guys can’t make it much easier for the average joe to serve their data into GE now, winner.
  5. What_nick has been working on the improved WorldWind WMS/WFS plugins and has assured me it will make it into the next release (1.4?). Other good news is the smaller footprint that Bull mentioned in his post because of the move to using WFS for placenames rather than bundling the data with the download.

3 thoughts on “Quick weekly wrapup”

  1. Just curious why you say “Unfortunately its not exactly well written” – can you elaborate on this statement, or provide alternatives which are “well written” and open source? I am new to javascript map viewers, and this was the best library I found.

  2. Hehe your blog is ambiguous in its turn. The reader is not sure whether “it” refers to Openlayers or the Article. Openlayers is 2nd to none at the moment in OpenSource JavaScript Mapping. Even the GMAP Hack dev’s are plugging it after being “Served” by Google. Data is never free.

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