Mapguide 1.0.2 released

The release notice just hit my inbox, Mapguide Opensource has hit v1.0.2 which includes the following items of interest to me,

  1. Update to use FDO 3.1.0
  2. Performance Improvement: Add Feature Service caching
  3. Performance Improvement: Add FDO connection pooling
  4. Update GetSpatialContext API to set OGC WKT for FDO WFS/WMS provider spatial contexts

Even though it was released as minor, those 4 points alone make it a worthwhile upgrade. This also overcomes my bugbear mentioned on Jason Birch’s blog about incompatibilities between current FDO project versions and the one bundled with 1.0.1 … speaking of which Jason, i’m still waiting for that “easy” mapguide/fdo compile guide :-)

It will be interesting to see the improvements to the FDO providers in particular … *goes off to install*

3 thoughts on “Mapguide 1.0.2 released”

  1. I haven’t tested yet, but I believe that the installer was also fixed to pick up the correct location of PROJ4_LIB, so that WMS will work properly.

    I don’t think you’re going to be happy about FDO; I believe that the target number we need for compatibility with the source-available providers is 3.2. If I’m wrong on this, I’ll be estatic.

    This is essentially a maintenance release, but I think that it’s indicative that the Map 3D SP3 that uses these same FDO providers advertises “connect to Oracle 43% faster”. I haven’t had a chance to test yet, but I have high hopes for FDO performance at this release.

    Uh, about that guide…

    I could write one for Windows / VS Pro. I’d need help porting to Linux though ;)

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