Tims swish WMS “catalog”

Just saw via slashgeo.org that Tim Schwab has launched wms-sites.com which i guess you could call a similar project to Mapdex, just for OGC WMS services.

Tim uses his knowledge of Openlayers as a preview tool very well.

My list of suggestions to make it even better~ :)

  1. Accept coordinate input searches. eg. Find me all services/layers which intersects/within X1,Y1,X2,Y2 … a common tool used in proper CSW requests
  2. Allow adding an entire service to preview … i could only manage viewing 1 layer at a time?
  3. I heard Tim mention it, but being able to load multiple layers across services and output a WMC document would be fantastic
  4. If layers are reporting scalehints, dump the values to the catalog view
  5. Add the OL scalebar to preview window

Great work Tim … now if only people added the metadata elements in the first place …

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