What are you working on?

Thats right, i want to hear what everyone is working on in the GIS world.

I’m not sure what feedback this will get, but things are quiet down here at the moment and i’m always interested to hear what cool things are happening at your workplace.

Plug away!

8 thoughts on “What are you working on?”

  1. Well, I’ll start then!

    Full-time: Finishing up a project on archaeological predictive modelling and threat from aggregate extraction

    Spare-time #1: Learning how to use OpenLayers for quick and easy web-mapping with no plugins required

    Spare-time #2: Designing a site showing archaeological sites using MapGuide Open Source for use on my work’s web-site.

    For both of these spare-time jobs I’m struggling a little with wfs, but hopefully making progress.

    More spare-time stuff at the moment but moving to full-time in December: Participating in the Ordnance Survey’s OpenSpaces Initiative

    Long-term- looking at how to share data better between lots of archaeological companies in the UK, in other words setting up our own SDI.

  2. Sounds neat, how would the SDI work amongst archaeological companies? Is there a common, indepandant organisation that would pull it together?

    SDI’s are great, but only if people are willing to contribute as well as recieve!

  3. I don’t think we’re really sure on the details yet. There are two types of data basically- there’s the stuff that we produce that we could all host ourselves, and the stuff we all need that we could have a central location for.

    For the data that we host ourselves we need common standards, terms and methods of delivery (eg WFS), along with some kind of portal to hook it all together. That’s about as far as we’ve got at the moment though- we’re just at the talking stage…

  4. I feel I’m rather an ‘advisor’, helping other workers make decisions about geo-related issues. But I also do technical work, rather general geospatial data processing and remote sensing. All this at the Canadian Meteorological Centre. You can learn more about what Slashgeo users are doing by looking at these polls:

  5. Just finishing integrating a reverse address look up service for a consumer real estate site. Allows consumers to click on the map and find out the address of the block. They can then get a whole bunch of reports (dimensions, who owns it, what it last sold for). Check it out at realmap.

    It one of those consumer uses of GIS that leaves people we show with dropped jaws but to GIS people it is a bit ho hum.

  6. Angus, couldnt get the examples to work? Kept throwing a number javascript exception.

    Last sentance is pretty spot on, usually the easy stuff done well causes more excitement than a project which took months and is bleeding edge stuff.

  7. Huh. Rub it in…

    – Provisioning mobile CAD (dispatch) laptops with Sierra Wireless EDGE/GPS modems for our main fire trucks

    – Upgrading our fire inspections software, including moving from old FEX21 (Windows HPC2000) handhelds to a mix of Fujitsu convertible tablets and Itronix Duo-Touch rugged tablets

    – Creating TTF fonts from DWG blocks so that utilities look the same in Autodesk Map, MapGuide, MapInfo and ArcGIS. High-logic FontCreator is pretty effective for this

    – Autodesk University: polishing off my 90 minute lab and working on a 15 minute presentation for the MapGuide users meeting

    – Adding some intelligence to our garbage calendar search tool so that users don’t have to have the exact spelling of a street name

    – Scrambling to get data / layers together for our MapGuide Open Source CityMap rewrite

    – Upgrading and distributing some of the functions of my old server. I’m shedding the file server and SQL Server roles, leaving me with MapGuide and FlexLM

    – Enabling http compression on my IIS 6 servers, and tweaking content expiry values to reduce bandwidth and improve perceived performance of AJAX apps. I initially was editing the metabase directly, but ZipEnable is cheap and makes the job easy. Too bad IE7 ‘s JavaScript handler is still so slow.

    – Trying to generate some GeoRSS feeds directly from MapGuide Open Source

    … I’m sure there’s more stuff I’m missing :)


  8. Trying to update my ArcReader interactive map package for public dissemination. (But ArcGIS 9.0 is refusing to cooperate! Damn you little….##$%!!!)


    Lots of cartography in Freehand. (Until you show multiple pages in a single file, you can kiss off Adobe Illustrator…)

    Writing up a procedures manual for creating an ArcReader mapping package for my co-workers.

    Clearing out old emails from Dec’06.

    Meetings, meetings, and more meetings. ugh.

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