How to not setup an online imagery shop

In my crawl of online image delivery systems, i was alarmed to see how poorly one in particular was put together. No names here of course, but i do think its worth emailing the company in question *just in case* on Monday. So here’s a few ideas on what not to do..

  1. Watermark your data using javascript. I bet thats fool proof, i better go register now!
  2. Keep your image catalogue in a freely accessible location using a well known protocol
  3. Leave the default WMS service running unsecured, with no restrictions. One 3000×3000 jpeg image comin right up … $0 and instant delivery to boot.

Now i can’t say Landgate is that foolproof either, but considering this online shop seems to be the “top 3″(?) in the states it certainly had me raising some eyebrows.

I will deny all knowledge if someone picks up on my clues :)