Bravo .. Sebastian’s post. You made me chuckle and i don’t really know why :) I had actually not seen the projection render call, that is damn nice work Chris and Howard. Sebastian lists a few suggested improvements to the “service” which i whole heartedly agree. Geodesy/datums/projections/geoids/coordinate systems need not be some magical black art done only by PhD’s, or alternatively some magical program that you insert numbers in, get stuff out, but having no idea what just happened. Let there be light …

Second bravo goes to Flamingo mapping components, a new (i think) dutch GPL mapviewer. I happened to stumble onto these guys’ Flash based WMS client the other day and all i can say is hooray! Finally a flash client which is separated into components, has a neat interface and is actually configurable WITHOUT requiring Flash CS3 just to change the stupid service URI.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    This is Shon (Bui Hong Son – VietNam). Do you remember me? :)

    I think the link of Cristopher is not right, it must be

    I am very busy right now, I will write more to you by mail later.

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