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Ok. I am kinda pre-empting the fallout of the FOSS4G Benchmarking list here. But for everyone interested, this is a cross post from the Tilecache list where Bruce Foster has, I believe, drawn a very long bow.

This offer also extends to anyone else at Foss4g who may draw similar conclusions for ERDAS not participating in the event. I’m easy to spot in a crowd :)

I have never been fond of this mythical Opensource vs Commercial divide in the spatial industry; even when I was exclusively using opensource software. Mapserver is no different from a commercially competitive point of view than ESRI products.


Lets set the record straight here. We were invited, but declined. There is nothing more to it.

I will be at FOSS4G on Thursday and Friday on the CCIP booth. Swing by and I will sit down and show you whatever you seem to think we are hiding?

The FOSS4G benchmarks are a great starting point and I would like to think we can be involved next year. I really hope customers do much more by way of due diligence in selecting enterprise software than just some benchmark results.

Lets not forget that we are not the only ones not competing in the event. Mapguide, Deegree, Mapnik, Cubewerx, Mapinfo, Oracle, Cadcorp, Manifold  … the list goes on (notice, there is no delineation between OS vs Commercial here). There is no conspiracy here mate and I’d be happy to show you.

Look forward to seeing you next week.


Chris Tweedie
ERDAS Australia

Now, where did that unicorn go and my car with that rocket booster …

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