Benchmarks updated

Small update,

  1. Added a new ECW 256px tile test
  2. Added a new ECW reprojection test
  3. Added some more info on my mapguide config problems

I’m still keen for someone to verify my numbers. It would be nice to know whether I’m alone in the universe or not even if the setup is different ..

3 thoughts on “Benchmarks updated”

  1. Andrea, i’ve uploaded all the jmx and csv’s to (link on the page also)

    Obviously you already have the bluemarble ECW. The IMG fullearth is essentially the bluemarble uncompressed, the TIF’s i just have to chase up the license and the source before I make it available.

    I cant make the JP2 or MrSID data available as it was supplied by customers but I’m pretty keen to rerun both on different datasets if you have some public domain data available

  2. Thanks for the plan. Not having the rest of the data is unfortunate, the ECW one I have but for that format we have problems that we cannot solve in the very short term. I’m looking forward to have a run on some publicly available data.

    About the IMG one, can you make available the gdal_translate command that will generate it starting from the ECW?

    About publicly available data, why don’t we use the MrSid file of the FOSS4G 2008 shootout instead? It’s available from the NASA site:
    Zoom to the tip of South Africa and grab S-34-30_2000, and we can use it as a base for the other tests? We make the gdal_translate scripts necessary to go to the other TIFF variants.

    Not sure we can compress in JP2 using a stock gdal_translate, that version might have to be made available separately as a direct download.

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