Prohibitively difficult vs Protecting IP

It seems various discussions are appearing postulating that ERDAS is making it “prohibitively difficult” to download the ECW SDK from our website. I’d like to make clear that this is absolutely not the case. From the website,

Request a Download
The ECW SDK 3.3 and the ECW SDK 3.3 Source Code are made available for download on an as-needed basis, after consultation with the product manager, Mr. Paul Beaty. To request a download, please contact by e-mail Mr. Paul Beaty,, with your name, organization, full address to include country, telephone, and email, and a description of your intended use. Use of the SDK requires advance acknowldgement of a EULA.

We have been forced to remove the direct download link due to numerous, frequent disregard for the attached SDK license terms and therefore ERDAS’ Intellectual Property. This post is not aimed at anyone in particular, but I emplore any potential users to email Paul and he would be happy to provide you the SDK. I just got off the train with the guy and he is eager to talk to anyone on our core technology, including a lot of new functionality available in the upcoming SDK v4 series which contains some pretty exciting stuff, v3.3 is over 3 years old guys!

We understand previous license terms have been somewhat ambiguous for some users, therefore emailing Paul will also ensure your intended use (and thus your organisation) complies with the terms and allow ERDAS to better track the usage throughout the community.

I am sure Paul will update his blog with more information very soon *hint hint* …