Image serving updates

I had hoped to post a lot more WMS image serving challenge results by now, but to date only Robert Parker at Lizardtech has taken me up on the offer with Express Server 6.1. Apologies to Rob for taking so long to publicize  the results as he was very eager to send them through and I’ve been sitting on them for well over a month now. Gold star to Lizardtech.

ESRI? Autodesk? Deegree? Mapserver? Geoserver? Oracle? Manifold? Mapinfo? … Show me your muscles (in my best Arnie voice). Don’t forget that results from real world users, not just developers are just as valuable.

On the benchmark side of things, I have also updated the Mapserver results with the 5.6.1 build. Sheesh, talk about being spammed very vocal :) ECW support was dropped and unfortunately I was unable to get the Kakadu JP2 driver working. I’ll update the individual graphs when I get some time but here is the formats-by-product result. The solid, bold line represents 5.6.1, the dotted stroke the original 5.4 results. Yes, something crazy happened on the TIFF External test but I reproduced the result over the typical 3 test run … will revisit that one later.

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