ERDAS Apollo vs ESRI ArcGIS Server

Lets face it, whatever benchmark results a vendor (*gasp*) publishes always draws a certain amount of suspicion. Luckily however, T-Mapy (Czech Republic) have just made available a detailed independant 20 page report on ERDAS Apollo vs ESRI ArcGIS Server.

T-Mapy have a long history with ESRI and now also ERDAS technology so they offer great perspective and expertise on both products. Michal Å eliga has done a wonderful job analysing performance and other metrics for serving a very large (290gb) 10cm aerial photo via WMS. Word of the day goes to “eyemetricaly worse” on page 13 :)

2 thoughts on “ERDAS Apollo vs ESRI ArcGIS Server”

  1. In the configurations used for Apollo (EAIM, EAS, EAP) is included the use of IWS component or not?


  2. Cris, the paper uses the GIO not IWS component. If they were to convert the 180gb IMG to JP2 or ECW, they would get further improved performance. You might like to contact T-mapy directly though to discuss

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