Its google … it must be right.

The following article has been superceded and the issue has been resolved. There is no issue (as far as i am aware) with the state of Google Earth’s data.
After comparing some common overlays from both Mapserver and Arcims (using the PHP code i posted earlier), it was obvious something was up,

Projection descrepencies

  • either my data being projected was wrong
  • or googles base data was out

Upon closer inspection of the cadastre and road overlays, the general accuracy was roughly 35m to the south east.

Projection descrepencies

Makes you wonder doesnt it (yoohoo, metadata would be lovely guys). I have double checked the projection using both Arcims and Mapserver output and it appears at the same level. A collegue in Darwin has had no problems overlaying his own data … has anyone else noticed this? Or is the Perth Digitalglobe data just poorly processed?

Of course, it could just be me :)

Nevertheless, the sooner people stop asking me ‘HAVE YOU SEEN GOOGLE EARTH@!#!$?’, my life would be just *that* much better.

Im sure many other GIS’ers agree that it has limited use or flexibility in the marketplace and goes against pretty much all the open standards that have been put in place over the years.

Yes, you can fly through the grand canyon
Yes, you can “view” anything on the globe
Yes, i now deem myself as GIS professional extraordinare because i can the read the API and draw my name using JS. HEHE
No, i dont know how old, or what accuracy this image is .. who cares! I can see Pam Andersons house!
What do you mean projection? I just use what google gives me, google is always right

If you sense angst, probably because their is. It has its place guys (ie. visualisation), but the sooner everyone realises this the happier i will be :)