SVG GIS usage to increase?

With many applications already supporting SVG output such as Geoserver, Mapserver and Arcims(?), historically the low uptake of SVG in a GIS sense has been a result of users being required to download the plugin (current SVG use at 12%, in comparison to 97% for flash, or 94% for java [source]) .

With native SVG support coming for IE v7 and Firefox 1.5, you would expect SVG GIS usage to exponentially increase and maybe even become a defacto standard, at least for viewing simple vector data.

I must admit i have had limited use with SVG, but I can definately see this little niche becoming more mainstream. I will leave you with some interesting SVG links for anyone keen to have a look at its capabilities. I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts for the future with SVG.

Interesting times ahead .. repository. Great info, recommended.
Directionsmag article on SVG GIS. Good introduction and background
Arcview / ArcMap -> SVG converter
AMRI GIS Some very good SVG utils and examples
Mapinfo TAB -> SVG Converter