Not another “flying car”

The latest “flying car” (KMZ) has been sighted, yet again, in Perth as reported in SMH and various GE blogs.

The first sighting was due to a shadow cast by a tall information site at Point Walter, but this new anomaly is further south in the carpark of Coogee beach

Latitude: -32.111624 Longitude: 115.764759

Being a secret informant for the land information department i can supply these time lapse images over the past three years. Alas, we were unable to capture this futuristic automobile … but we can relax, knowing that at least they are travelling to some nice tourist areas!

Where will the car strike next? :)


ps. Note the sarcasm, i am sure the shadow will turn out to be another sign or maybe even a pile of sand next to the car :) I had a quick look and the “shadow” supposedly being cast by the car next to it does not appear to match those arround it (eg. look at the angle and size of similar features nearby)