Calling all ArcMap gurus

In urgent need of some help here guys :)

My situation:

I need to join a SDE table to a local DBF file and you would think this is a piece of cake ..


… the problem is that Oracle allows the CHAR(13) field to contain a space at the end of the field … dbf as far as i can tell, does not.

so I have something like

SDE :: ‘ 0217400624 ‘ trying to join to
DBF :: ‘ 0217400624′

which of course, produces no results.

I do not have access to SDE to create a temporary VIEW to change the SDE format, so i am limited to

  • somehow making ArcMap append the space to each record before doing the join
  • somehow forcing the DBF to stop right trimming the space or
  • somehow doing a partial match in ArcMap

Proper SQL tools please!!

If anyone knows how to do this with ArcObjects or any other method, PLEASE let me know as i am hoping i am just missing something obvious.