ArcIMS stress test

Arcscripts can be a funny place. It can either annoy you with commercial “shareware” or 8 year old avenue code or sometimes, just sometimes you stumble upon an extremely useful tool. I have been involved in an upgrade of ArcIMS from 4 to 9.1 and obviously i was looking into performance testing before we moved the new infrastructure into production.

I was *this* close to writing my own jmeter script when i found ArcIMS Stress Test which effectively did every thing i was looking for,

  • Parses an existing image/queryserver logfile to re-use for the test
  • Ability to use the same time between requests as in the log file or a preset delay
  • Ability to view the ouput of the sent requests
  • Ability to log test summary information to file

Stress dialog

Sure, it doesnt log the hardware performance on the server or uses any special threading / multi-user system, but for my case all i wanted to do was test a “typical day” on the new rig. Highly recommended

Kudos to the author, Milos van Leeuwen