Latest ESRI goodies

Dave Macguire has released some new information on ESRI’s upcoming Image Server ..

On Monday during the Plenary we will introduce a new type of Image Server. It takes a different approach to serving up large (TB) quantities of Images. The data is held in the raw file format (no need to pre-process, or load into a DBMS). The Server builds an index so that the files can be treated as a continuous image map. Services can be authored to process the images on the fly as they are served up to desktop or web clients. For example, you could create a service that radiometrically corrects the images, georeferences them, orthorectifies them, resamples them and then serves them up in a browser or in ArcMap. The neat thing is that this can be done using Landsat 15m data for the entire globe, on the fly, with sub-second response. The same approach works for aerial photography and other image data sets.

Interesting and good news, but hardly surprising. Unfortunately i cannot invisage their IS serving out anything other than SID’s or TIFF’s which still serves as their bottle neck. The lack of any mention of “streaming” these on the fly, stiched up image maps has me worried. Still, seems a lot better than the solution of just storing a stack of SID’s in SDE. Of course, feel free to prove me wrong :)

It oozes keyhole technology, but even that isnt new. Speaking of which, tomorrow i will add an article outlining how to add dynamic, live WMS output to your google earth. It performs extremely well, minus some niggling issues.

ps. The 9.2 release definately seems to be raising the bar across all ESRI apps. Good work