I wont bother giving my background guys, as you can read up on that on the contact page. I have one aim setting this bugger up, and that is for venting, code snippets and assistance wherever I can. My experience at DLI gives me a broad overview of a lot of new GIS technology across the board .. I’m not an ESRI / Intergraph shop, I’m not a MS / GS shop and im certainly not going to preach how OGC standardisation is going to cure world hunger. No, its time to get back to basics.

The lack of any independant source of GIS info or help, free from “external” influences infuriates me. While seeking support at the product’s site obviously makes sense, seeing posts such as “What application should i go for? Arcims or Mapserver?” posted on the respective sites more often than not attracts incredibly biased information and sometimes outright wrong. It’s one thing I’ve noticed about GIS applications, word of mouth is key.

I guarantee that if you ask 8/10 people who run existing web GIS applications why they chose that product over any other, they’ll either

  • have no idea any other products exist
  • have been told how much “better” X product is from Y or
  • have contact with some other organisation that has said product installed and equally has no idea what other products are available

Its pretty much a given that there is a almost drought of information comparing web GIS products. Almost everything is subjective to opinion, then those facts just turn into chinese whispers. Well, hopefully in the coming months i will have some results benchmarking all web GIS applications i could get my little hands on. The preliminary results are very interesting to say the least ;) So stay tuned.