Name: Chris Tweedie
Location: Perth, Western Australia

  • Product Manager, ECW JPEG2000 SDK and APOLLO Essentials / IWS, Intergraph Corporation
  • Enterprise Solutions Architect, ERDAS Australia / New Zealand
  • Senior Geospatial Specialist, Landgate



  • Web application development
  • Programming (various languages)
  • Online GIS system design

Working in a government department such as DLI gives me a great opportunity to explore all that GIS has to offer. We run a variety of GIS flavours at work, from ESRI products such as SDE, IMS and Eview to IWS, Mapserver, Geoserver, Deegree, Mapguide, Mapinfo, Intergraph, PostGIS and a lot of other home grown applications designed in Perth. Pretty much everything I can get my hands on :)
I originally started this blog mid 2005 to just post my latest invention, hack or workaround that might be of use to the community. It is unfortunate that in general, most people don’t share their thoughts all too much in the geospatial sense. Hope this inspires like minded individuals to hop onto the blog train and start giving us their views.

Anyway, feel free to flick me a mail. I love hearing from people all over the world and what theyre working on.


Disclaimer: All content posted on this blog is the personal thoughts of Chris Tweedie and in no way, shape or form should anything be taken as the view of my current or past employers. Its a personal blog guys, please treat is as such :)

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