New WMS Flash client

Edwin Wisse from the Netherlands has just released a new WMS client called Beeldblad (dutch for “image sheet”) on the WMS-dev mailing list.


Looks like a great starting point for the general user wanting to get their WMS “usable” and deployed very quickly.

Detailed installation instructions are included for the 130k SWF including a separate PHP proxy to bypass the cross domain restrictions. Some very quick tests had this sucker working a treat … great work guys.

Kamap WFS point overlays

Lorenzo and Andrea just posted their demonstration of a very nice looking WFS point overlay script for Kamap.


So if you’re one of the many people looking to do similar tooltips to google maps but using open standards, take a swing by the Ka-map users list. There’s a few obvious bugs, but the functionality certainly is there and it appears very configurable.

Hopefully the PHP parser class will be released soon and the WIKI updated! Great work guys

Various OSS GIS news

Few things hit my inbox this week that caused me delight. So for all of you which aren’t signed up to the various mailing lists … here we go.

1. Geoserver 1.3 final has been released.

This release brings a number of improvements to make GeoServer the easiest way to get a powerful open source standards-based web mapping solution up and running quickly. GeoServer has traditionally focused on WFS, which allows access to the raw vector data, serving as the WFS reference implementation. 1.3 brings fully compliant WMS and SLD, which handle the rendering and styling of maps, available as JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG and KML. Official OGC certifications are in the works for both WMS and WFS, as all compliance tests have
been passed.

For a full changelog see this page. I have only used it quickly, but there is some definate rendering improvements in both the speed and the output. Well done guys.

2. The FOSS4G2006 conference site has been released. Some good info available here for anyone who is interested. It really is the place to be for anything opensource GIS … such a shame Switzerland is so, so far away from Perth :(

3. Howard Butler has been busy compiling a build kit for compiling Mapserver source on windows. I haven’t tried this sucker yet, but if it solves 90% of people’s questions about “how do i compile ms?” then im a happy camper :)

It is a single zip that you can unpack and compile with a single “make”. It requires MSVC 7.1 (VS.NET 2003)
There are configuration option for SDE, PostGIS and Oracle Spatial and all the others in the nmake.opt file.

Torrents and Direct Downloads: